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Winter Woodland Choir
Portrait of Elizapig
Portrait of an Owl
"Winifred Groundhog"
Richmond Folk Festival 2022
"Koala Blowing Bubbles"
"Gobbler the 8th"
"Mr. Purrcy"
"Squirrels of Savoy"
"Lady Aardvark"
"Princess Galago"
"Lady Jane Macaque"
"Pygmy Hippo, Prince of Wales"
"Kinkajou IX"
"Chinchilla De Medici"
"The Wolverine Philosopher"
"Duke Donkey the Fair"
"Portrait of a Tudor Sheep"
"Portrait of a Squirrel with a Butterfly"
"Portrait of a Raccoon in a Doublet"
"Sir Tokay Gecko"
"Elizabethan Audrey 2"
"Little Rabbit with her Doll"
"Small Victorian Mouse"
"Toad the 5th"
"Lord Leopard Gecko"
"Little Stinker"
"Golfing Gopher"
"Ver Venit"(Spring it Coming)
"Saint Tree Kangaroo"
"Captain Badger"
"The Elizabethan Fossa"
"White Rabbit"
"Duchess Capybara of Burgundy"
"Tasmanian the 8th"
"Portrait of an Emu"


"Portrait of a Dutch Rat"
"Lady Alligator"
"Earl of Arctic"
"Kangaroo of Cleves"
"Queen Mary Prairie"
"Portrait of a Young Red Panda"
"Sir Toad Tuke"
"Sparrow Cromwell"
"European Tudor Robin"
"Pope Crested Doradito"
"The Coutier Catbird"
"Tudor Red House Finch"
"Tudor Bluebird"
"Young Tudor Sparrow"
"Tudor Yellow House Finch"
"Jane Hare"
"King Grizzly"
"A Portrait of a Kid at Spanish Court"
"Portrait of a Renaissance Bat"
"Saint Kitty of Featherduster"
"Cammie's Louis the 16th portrait"
"Portrait of Joost Van Opossum"
"The Edwardian Iguana"
"The Victorian Proboscis"
"Portrait of a Jaguar in a White Lace Ruff and Cap"
"Portrait of a Gentle Koala in a Fancy Ruff"
"Portrait of a Possum"
"Portrait of Gillina van Peahen"
"Portrait of an Old Tortoise"
"Portrait of a Young Orangutan"
"Portrait of a Rockhopper in a Ruff"
"Portrait of Giovanni Macaque"
"Portrait of a Sugar Glider wearing a Chain of Guild Buckles"
"Gentleman Fungi"
"Madam Mushroom"
"Gentleman Bluejay"
"Bishop Honey Bee's Sainted Blessing"
"Portrait of a Duckling in a Dress"
"Mademoiselle Chloe"
"The Duchess of Dachshund"
"A Shakespearan Rooster in Key West"


"Saint Squirrel of Acorn"
"Blue de'Medici"
"Pig Latin Rejection"
"Heironymus' Hare"
"Hyena of Austria"
"Shoebill Isabella"
"Saint Ferret of Trout"
"Lady Mandrill"
"Princess Meow"
"Cat in a Fancy Collar"
"Portrait of Giovanni Jerboa"
"Portrait of an Elderly Booby"
"Red Bellied Memling"
"The Dutch Meerkats"
"Frog in a Cravat"
"Queen Quokka"
"Caroline of Macaque"
"Portrait of a Prodigal Bat"
"Sir Goldfinch"
"The Naval Seal"
"Field-Marshall Marmot"
Gentlefrog Light Fixture (collaboration piece)
"Princess Maggie"
"Sir Otter of Thinkspace"
"The Scholarly Porcupine"
"Roxanne in a Red Dress"
"Raccoon Playing the Cello"
"Sir Thomas Smuckers"
"Portrait of a Shrew"
"Rembrandt's Dragon"
"The Young Ammit"
"American Beach Gothic"
"Mademoiselle Mouse"
"Monsieur Mouse"
"Ambassador Beau"
"Portrait of a Sloth"


"Miss Elizabeth Giraffe"
"Lappet-Faced Vulture in a Yellow Jacket"
"Edward Shippen Squirrel"
"Admiral Elephant"
"Saint Opossum: Virginia's Unsung Hero"
"Lucia la Gallina"
"Benjamin the Frog"
"Sammie Jo, Queen of the Corgis"
"Mademoiselle Hamster"
"Monsieur Hamster"
"Willoughby the Pug"
"Chameleon in a Cravat"
"Sir Shadow"
"Maria la Gallina"
"Sir Hedgehog"
"Queen Pai Mei"
"Lady Pugsley"
"Il Tasso Scappi"
"Portrait of a Lemur in a Blue Dress"
"Sir Gorilla Frobisher"
"Portrait of a Noble Otter"
"The English Bulldog"
"Squirrel in a Red Dress"
"Queen Victoria Bulldog"
"Captain Rockhopper"
Cassandra Kim_Saint Opossum; Virginia's Unsung Hero (web)
"Portrait of Lord Chimpanzee in Albanian Dress"
"Portrait of a Gentle Tree Frog"
Cassandra Kim_The Cavalier Turkey (web)
"Pug in a Red Hat"
"Edgar Nevermore"
"Portrait of Alida Dik Dik"
"Portrait of a Dutch Rabbit"
"Mademoiselle de Renard"
"Gentleman Warbler"
"Gentleman Cardinal"
"Naval Officier Llama"
"Noble Toad"
"Arrogant Rooster"
"Portrait of Johannes Rhinoceros"
"Doe of Cleves"
"Duke of Walrus"
"Lady Mantis"
"Marie Ostrich"
"Louis the Flamingo"
"Squirrel Playing the Lute"
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