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"A Well Dressed Rhino"
"Togo the Sled Dog "
"Walter the Cat "
"Mandy the Goat"
"Cow 569"
"Cher Ami the Pigeon"
The Merry Quokkas
Miss Southern Water Shrew
"Gobbler the 8th"
The Family Meerkat
The Family Panda
"Koala Blowing Bubbles"
"Lady Aardvark"
"Kinkajou IX"
"Kangaroo of Cleves"
"Bishop Honey Bee's Sainted Blessing"
"Earl of Arctic"
"The Victorian Proboscis"
"Saint Kitty of Featherduster"
"Miss Elizabeth Giraffe"
"Noble Toad"
"The Cavalier Turkey"
"Lady Mantis"
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